Febi Bilstein is the largest retailer and producer of individual aftermarket spare parts for commercial cars and automobiles in the global sector The company, over 160 years old, is synonymous with the dependability of product, consistency of service, and creativity.

As a traditional family business owned and independent of broad consortia, they are honored to have more than 20,000 products wear and technologies offered in more than 130 countries with a complete plan of steadily increasing sales.

Febi Bilstein suppliers have their own subsidiaries or selected distributors on-site, such as Tooley imports Australia, in nearly 69 countries. Almost a hundred million parts are available at all times for both foreign and internal supply. 

Since 1844, Ferdinand Bilstein has been engaged in the metal processing field and has a great deal of experience. Various automobile industry materials are manufactured at houses, from chain tensioners to oil and water pumps to wheel stations.

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The manufacturing region contains nearly the whole manufacturing chain from gear creating and machining to hardening, to 10000 square meters of performance confirmation with its own metrology storage. As a manufacturer at every level, compliance with the highest quality needs is self-evident to them. 

Goal – Perfect Assortment Of Original Equipment Quality

Since a break comes in the way of technological advances, undercarriage, engine, wheel clamping to the power device and the vehicle’s pneumatic system and our febi Plus, program in Fabi Bilston, you will discover everything you want for skilled maintenance buses, trailer trucks, and vans of all conventional and manufacturing models.

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Both large workshops and traders expressly report to the Independence spare parts market as a trustworthy partner This not only takes long years of knowledge and modern manufacturing technologies as a provider, but as a manufacturing company, and continues to invest in the expansion of their own manufacturing. 

Febi Team Believes In Customer Satisfaction

Over 1,300 highly skilled employees engaged with their daily job fully believe the biggest asset that everybody needs and wants of customers and partners still hold the middle – point of activity because only with technical expertise, deadline, and service emphasis can the attempts to create business relationships of vision throughout the value-added channel across the whole value chain. 

All For Larger

Special needs for performance maximum load and service life of all components used are laid down in the repairs and fix of commercial vehicles. You can discover the substitute part you need with OE performance, whether trailer, truck, semi-trailer, bus, truck segment febi.

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As information technologies way undercarriage, engine brake, and wheel clamping to the power system and the pneumatic system of the vehicle, the scope of selection also were insurmountable. The Febi truck segment offers a range of vehicle products with rapid tuning.

 Conclusion:- Febi Bilstein’s goal, as a pioneer in the individual retailer, is to be the first to market fresh brands in the right range. In this sense, they are not only the provider, but the market also communicates impulses from its own supplier, hand in hand with strategies made in Germany. Their Febimore system rounds up this wide range of products.

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