It was just last year that I decided to cut the cable from my life. Cable TV had become more of a burden than anything, and it wasn’t until the summer of 2017 that I realized how much money I could save by going with a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. But there was one problem: many of my favorite channels were only available through cable.

tv buddy caster reviews

The good news is that there are now affordable alternatives to cords, and you don’t even need an extra device! My family has been enjoying watching TV using our new tv buddy caster antenna for nearly two months now, and we couldn’t be happier!

Top Selling TV Buddy Caster Antenna

Why Go For TV Buddy Caster Antenna

The tv buddy caster antenna is a light, foldable design that can be set up in minutes.

All you need to do it snap the pieces together and point your TV’s remote at its built-in sensor!

There are no USB ports or HDMI cables required for setup either–just power from an outlet on any wall plug (no surge protectors needed!)

TV Buddy Caster Antenna

The best part about this durable little device? It only needs one small area of space – meaning I don’t have cords all over my floor anymore like before when we had satellite service with our old DVR system installed below out living room window…yikes!!!

Plus there were so many channels offered by cable providers but not available through streamers which made me feel left behind since

Additional Benefits of TV Buddy Caster Antenna:

Uses the latest technology to receive digital HDTV signals and delivers them in crystal clear quality. I can’t believe we were getting away with watching regular TV for so long!

The difference is absolutely insane!!! We have a lot more channels, better reception even outside our home (never had that before!)…

TV buddy caster antenna wifi

It’s just all around an awesome purchase!! And there are no annoying monthly fees or contracts like you would get from cable providers–thank goodness too because neither of us wants any added expenses coming out every month on top paying off this new tv which may cost as much at $700-$800 depending it size but still worth ever penny!!!!

That might be one expensive antennae if not though… πŸ˜‰ Anyway….just wanted say


This antenna is the most important purchase you will make in 2020 that doesn’t involve an engagement ring….just kidding. πŸ™‚ But seriously, this was a no-brainer for us and we are glad to have found it! I cannot recommend TV Buddy enough–as they delivered on everything promised with our new tv!!! Thank goodness there’s always someone who knows what their doing when electronics get too complicated!! Thanks again guys!!!!!!!!!

Frequently Asked Question’s

1.Does the TV buddy caster antenna actually work?

Yes, this antenna is absolutely worth the money and works well with all televisions.

The TVBuddy caster Antenna has a range of 60 miles. The best thing about it though? It’s so easy!!! You don’t have any big installation process like cords running from one room out another…you just need an extension cord (which can easily fit inside) where there are no plugs nearby!!!! No stress!! And done!!!!!

2.Does TV buddy caster antenna need wifi?

The TVbuddy caster Antenna is wired and does not need a wifi connection. Clear as mud?

3.What TV buddy caster antenna does Consumer Reports recommend?

Consumer Reports recommends the TVBuddy caster Antenna for most televisions. It’s a breeze to use and has everything you need in order make it work!!! No fussing needed!!!! You’ll be watching your favorite shows, movies or news programs as if there was never any interruption!!!!! Huge thanks again guys! Love this antenna!!!!!!!!!! !!”

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