Putting the wall stickers can be quite tricky. There is always a technique to be followed while you are attempting to install the wall stickers. All Wall Stickers almost follow a similar pattern in installing. Here is the complete guide to install it correctly.

Installing Wall Stickers

  1. Put the sticker on the surface. The transparent application layer must be facing you. Tape all the four corners of the decal to the wall with the masking Tape.
  2. Apply a strip of tape across the decal to create an anchor point.
  3. Start peeling the application layer carefully from the backing layer, making sure that the decal is stuck to the application layer.
  4. Cut the backing layer close to the centre.
  5. Wait for some minutes for the adhesive to get the decal attached to the wall.
  6. Wait 10 minutes then peel off the clear paper making sure that the vinyl decal has completely adhered to the surface.

It Is Advisable To Wait For The Wall To Be Completely Dried Before Application.

It would be great to wait for at least 14 days before applying the wall decal. These will not work on recently painted walls. The paint needs to dry before application.

The durability and quality of the wall decals will depend significantly on the kind of paint that is used. Matte paints are perfect.

How To Apply Decals On Special Surface

Before its application, you must keep in mind that any Wall Decal can only be applied to specific surfaces. The surfaces need to be spotless, weather resistant and smooth. It should have no contamination. You must be careful to dodge densely textured surfaces. Do not prefer installation on surfaces such as sand paints , concentrate block, stucco, suede paints, and bricks.

There are a lot of things to consider prior to putting decals on the bathroom walls. The first one of them is temperature. Also, you need to make sure that the walls are completely dry so they suit the vinyl. You may also consider getting the vinyl to bathroom shower surfaces and tiles and for a more elegant design.

bathroom shower wall Stickers

The wall decals stick to plastered and painted walls. It can fall apart if it is applied to crumbling spaces and cracked walls. Wall decals are planned to be compatible with various surfaces as long as they are light-textured and smooth.

Surfaces such as painted walls, flat metals and glass are ideal. The decal was not intended to stick to uneven or rough surfaces. Rough surfaces such as brick, stucco, cinder block and porous aluminum are not compatible. The walls should be free of dirt to get rid of unnecessary peeling.


You can use the wall decals on almost any flat and slight textured surface. This can also be applied to tiles and windows. Stickers can not stay properly over rough walls. As long as for solid textured, it can not work well.

A decal also has traits such as an ordinary sticker. It is normally advisable to try a regular sticker on the wall. If that sticks, it is a possibility that the decal would stick also. Ensure that you wait for the necessary period before applying stickers on freshly painted walls.

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