Sewer pipe relining is a process in which a new liner is inserted into the sewer pipe. The old, damaged and broken pipes are then removed, and the new liner can be installed using hydraulic pressure. This article will discuss what the sewer system is, how this process works, to whom like the The Relining Company you hire for work.

What Is a Sewer System?

  1. The sewage system is typically a series of pipes made out of clay, cast iron or ductile iron. These materials have an average lifespan before they must be replaced due to wear and tear or breakage. Sewer pipe lining can extend the life of these pipes by up to another 50 years in some cases.
  2. One method for determining when it might be time for new material is called “smell test.” If you notice any bad smells coming from your toilet, this could mean that water has seeped into the inner workings inside your toilet tank and caused corrosion on metal components such as bolts and washers. This will also lead to cracked porcelain, which means it’s time for a new toilet.


Process Of Pipe Relining:

The process starts with an inspection from the sewer and water line to determine if it’s possible to do this work without disrupting your home, such as digging up the yard or driveway. We can then bore into the old pipe using a machine called a “pipe reamer” which grinds away at any corrosion on the inside of the pipes in order to make room for reinforcing material, like steel rings or fiberglass mesh sleeves that would be installed instead of clay or cast iron sewers.

A liner is inserted through one end and pulled out through another, while we use pressure washing equipment to clean off dirt and debris. Fiberglass liners are less expensive than other types but they don’t last as long. They wear out a few years after installation, and the steel-lined pipes are more expensive upfront but last for 20 to 40 years.

Once we get it all pulled back together and reinstalled in your yard or driveway, you’ll need someone with plumbing experience to connect the new sewer line to the house’s main drain pipe. The process can be done from outside of your home without digging up any landscaping if there is enough room around where sewage goes into your property’s septic system or city sewer lines.

The relining method will work on nearly every type of clay pipe work that isn’t cracked open due to corrosion .What does happen over time with steel liner pipe is also corroding and needing replacement at some point but shouldn’t replace copper sewers because they too eventually corrode over time.

Sewer Pipe Relining Company

To Whom You Hire For Work:

  • Sewer Pipe Relining is done by a company that specializes in this service. The work will be done from outside the home, and there’s no need to dig up any landscaping because you can do it without digging into your yard or driveway as long as there are enough spaces around where sewage comes out of your property (which should not have an issue).
  • The company that does this service should provide you with an estimate for their work before they start anything on your property, which includes parts and labor as well as other fees like permits if needed. You can get some quotes from different companies now by contacting them directly through email or phone (and make sure prices are quoted per foot).
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