Sir Walter buffalo grass is a luxury garden option because an Australian turf grower cultivated and modified it as a strong buffalo turf, especially for the severe Australian atmosphere. Sir Walter grass is a minimal maintenance grass that is smooth underfoot and exceedingly simple to care for.


Sir Walter currently has the title of Australia’s Number One Buffalo Lawn. Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo has been produced and supplied by Sydney Lawn And Turf, one of Australia’s major turf suppliers.

Maintaining your Sir Walter buffalo grass with a regular upkeep schedule can safeguard your expenditure. In the long term, this saves you cash and effort. The following are some lawn maintenance recommendations for your Sir Walter buffalo grass:

  1. Mowing:- Within 10-14 days after installing a Sir Walter buffalo grass, it is prepared to mow. To avoid scalping the new grass the first mow should be an easy trim. After that, make particular you mow it on a regular basis to keep thatch levels in check. Your preferred mowing height is up to you. A mowing height of 50mm is excellent for spongy grass. A mowing height of 30mm is suggested for less thatchy and tight grass.
  2. Fertilizing:- Although Sir Walter buffalo grass is simple to care for, failing to fertilize your garden will lead it to lose its health and color. Fertilizing the garden every two months according to the company’s suggested treatment rates will assist preserve its lushness in places with severely sandy soils. In other cases, fertilizing it in early fall will assist keep the color of your grass throughout the winter. However, quite so much fertilizer may necessitate excessive upkeep, such as regular mowing and additional watering to properly break down the fertilizer.
  3. Wetting Agents Application:- Wetting chemicals treatment is a grass care procedure that should be done at minimum twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Wetting chemicals are used to improve the flow of water in the soil. This is especially useful in places of Western Australia where the soil is covered with a waxy material that prevents water from flowing freely. Wetting chemicals dissolve the waxy covering, permitting water to absorb more readily.
  4. De-thatching:- Other garden grasses, including zoysia and couch, are more prone to thatch build-up than Sir Walter buffalo. Mow your grass short once or twice a year, in early fall or early spring, to de-thatch it. When shearing your lawn, take care not to overdo it, since this can destroy it. Check to see whether there are any runners left on the floor. It’s not necessary to fertilize your grass after scalping, but it will help it regenerate considerably faster.



Regrettably, many grass fertilizers are deficient in iron, which is crucial for buffalo grass lawns. When your grass is looking a little pale despite watering it properly and mowing it to the proper height, an iron supplement may be able to help. Adding magnesium supplements in the late fall permits your turf to absorb the nutrients before winter arrives.

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