Standing water, damaged foundations, and rotted siding can be prevented with a trench drain system. Trench drains, called as channel drains are best for redirecting water far from your foundation and garage. Avoid flood and other damages by installing a channel at the mouth of the drive. Stormwater may be diverted to a low level or existing drainage runs. 

Find out where the water is directed to, how much water you can deal with, and what type of traffic will be crossing the driveway grates. When you have a plan that includes the outlet, contact the experts at E Industrial Engineering AU to help you in determining what will work best for you. 

installing trench drain


Life Expectancy – small less costly channels may not pass the test of time. Also, driveways may not face heavy traffic daily yet occasional delivery trucks and some other big equipment may easily damage trenches and grates. 

Affordability – costs may vary widely depending on the type of grates and channel used. The experts may help you find what you require and to remain within your budget. 

Water Capacity – driveway on a hill with heavy rain may create a great amount of water in a hurry. 

Tips For Selecting The Right Drainage Grates. 

In the drain grates world, limited options term never exists. Manufacturers produce all drain grates from heavy to light duty, and for different uses . Even the drain types are different ranging from catch basins, pool drains, trench drains, shower drains, etc. 

how to install a driveway drain

Combined with some complicated terms, it is difficult to find the ideal one for the drainage settings. Below are some tips to consider to make your drain grate hunting easy. 

Drain Size Compatibility 

As there are some standard drain width sizes, all drain widths are not the same. Some manufacturers make grates with unique sizes. Several grate and drainage  manufacturers have their grates fit only to particular drain channels.

It is useful if you use the channels and grates from the same manufacturer, knowing that they will fit. It also means that the grates would not work on drains purchased from elsewhere or custom-sized ones.

 ADA Compliance 

‘Americans with disabilities act’ the ADA is a government set standard that requires public use products to follow specific rules to be disabled-friendly. According to it, those drain holes require sticking to a specific size.


For grates certified ADA compliant, the holes’ sides parallel to the general direction of traffic have to be half-inch or less. The sizes of the opening are not horizontal to the traffic direction, can be any size, and are less restrictive.

The requirement for this is to avoid wheels of wheelchairs or walking cranes from sticking or slipping through the grate openings. 


The most objective and the most time-consuming decision factor is aesthetics. Nowadays there are a number of different grate hole designs and patterns of different materials. Even the materials differ across manufacturers. There are a lot of options to consider. 

installing channel drain in existing concrete


These are some of the tips to consider when choosing a drain grate. Wrong load class may result in breaking of the great and the vehicles and pedestrians getting injured or damaged. It is better to check with each manufacturer on their grate specs and the options. This information gives you an idea of the conditions their grates may be modified to fit.

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