Water based concrete sealers can be easily one of the best options, since they give an amazing look to the project, are relatively inexpensive compared to other kinds, give high level protection to the project and are effective very soon, and are good for the environment.

But which one should they choose, and why should the answer be water-based concrete sealers? A useful tip is to choose the right service, and Contreat is nothing less than perfect for it.

Water Based Concrete Sealers

What are water-based concrete sealers? 

If you go looking for sealers in the market, you’ll observe that there is no lack of it. Generally available in two categories, sealers can be grouped as either water-based or solvent. The water-based concrete sealer is more widely used and known. Both are known for penetrating and are also film-forming. 

While penetrating sealers are known for giving their concrete projects a more matte look, film-forming sealers generally enhance the project’s aesthetic point and make the concrete durable. Sealers are gaining more popularity because people have finally come to realize how beneficial concrete sealers are. 

Advantages of water-based concrete sealers 


But if we start talking about the advantages of water-based sealers, there are many of them. Beginning with the fact that penetrating sealers prevent the concrete or granite surfaces stain-free. You don’ have to worry about discoloration. You also don’t have to get concerned about oil or corrosive materials damaging your surface. Since penetrating sealers can go deep enough to be 1/8th of an inch from the surface, the water that carries the potential of damaging the concrete is stopped from penetrating at all.

Advantages Concrete Sealers

Looks enchanting 

The next benefit is the beauty value it adds. Sealers like these are known for keeping up the concrete’s look, which maintains the original and neat appearance of the concrete. You realize how wonderful this is when you see that other sealers end up leaving a yellowness on the surface. However, a water-based concrete sealer does not do that. You manage to gain protection and be spared from being concerned about the appearance of your project since the finishing touch remains beautiful. 


The next benefit is more practical and perhaps the most compelling. You don’t need to pay as much for a water based concrete sealer. On the other hand, since there are various types of sealers to be found, you can safely assume that those will cost you a hefty amount. Not only is this economical, it is also very easy to use. Even with a little amount, just thin coatings will achieve the look and the purpose that you desire. It’s also not rocket science to make this sealer. Not only this -when it comes to taking the sealers off, the removal is fairly easy. You can reaffirm longer durability by spending just a little. 

Helps the environment 

The last point will draw people who love the environment and are concerned about it. If you choose epoxy or solvent-based sealers, you’ll not be doing the environment any good. On the other hand, water-based penetrating concrete sealers are eco-friendly, and your conscience can be guilt-free of having done any significant harm.

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The way industries have been so heavily relying on harmful chemicals and materials for monetary benefits has altered our environmental peace. Thankfully, awareness is growing by each day, and any environment-friendly person would agree that using a water-based sealer is the better option to choose. It won’t take much time to dry up and make you proud of yourself for choosing the environment. 


Water-based concrete sealers are among the best options out there, whether you’re working on a budget or desire to choose your ethics over the traditional choices. The sheer benefit of using this concrete sealer is terrific, and not using it despite the various reasons is unbelievable. Choose a water-based concrete sealer if you care about your planet, your money or are simply in need of ensuring that your concrete project is safe from sun, heat, or air as soon as possible.

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