Also called granny flat, a granny flat is a residential unit often built with a built-in kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping space. Known by various names ranging from tract homes to mobile homes, granny flats vary in size from 300 1200 square feet. These small, self-contained dwellings come with their own entry, kitchen, shower, bathroom and other room and are intended to be used as an additional living space for the elderly.

They also can be classified as an accessory residence, since they are built upon a traditional house. The term “granny flats” gained popularity in the late 1970s and was popularized by the film, Granny’s Own House, and the book, Granny’s Own Good Things, both written by Granny Smith. In reality, there are many different types of this residential housing – there are single-family houses, bungalows, townhouses and mini-houses – but they all come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and configurations.


They can be located almost anywhere, from country sides to the city outskirts. In addition, they can be built on or near any type of concrete foundation including a parking lot, a lot or even a parcel of vacant land. One thing most people do not realize about granny flats and accessory dwelling units is that they can be leased. In the case of a senior, this is a great option because it provides an opportunity for him or her to have more independence. For example, elderly homeowners may want to travel and do errands during their free time.

Leasing allows them to stay in their own house and do what they want. Moreover, seniors can move to another location where they are suited for a more permanent residence. Another benefit of purchasing a granny flat or an accessory dwelling unit is that they can add value to your home. This is something that not all homeowners consider.

The truth is, selling a home with the value only partly covered can be a very difficult task. In addition, some homeowners do not like to sell their homes because they feel they do not have the money available to do so. For these individuals, selling a house with the value partially covered by an attached granny flat or accessory dwelling unit can be a wonderful solution.

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Additionally, living in these types of residences can actually help reduce the aging process within the home. As a general rule, houses that are built at a younger age and with more efficient construction features tend to age faster. This can be counterproductive because seniors may wish to slow down the aging process. Therefore, granny flats and accessory dwellings can actually be a good investment because they can actually help make the aging process slower and less expensive.

When looking to purchase a granny flat or accessory dwelling unit for a potential sale, it is important to consider how these structures compare to traditional homes. With a typical house, the interior design is almost fixed and the architecture cannot be changed. This means that the overall appearance of the home is typically very consistent.

On the other hand, granny flats and accessory dwellings can be designed in a way that they will appear to look like homes but can also accommodate additional additions such as a kitchen and bathroom. The actual design of the garage will also depend on the individual homeowner. In many cases, the garage will be built adjacent to the main house. In this way, the garage will act as another room that can be used for extra storage and as an extra living space.

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Furthermore, when people choose to build a garage, they can add features that are not usually found in traditional houses. For instance, people can include a shed, closets and a utility room to their granny flat or accessory dwelling. One of the biggest concerns that many people have regarding the assessed value of a property is that they believe the property taxes will be too high and also so people don’t know what happens if you don’t file taxes on time. So it good to take help form professional before going at any decision. Fortunately, this does not need to be the case

By creating a granny pod, you will have the ability to take advantage of a special tax break. This tax break allows homeowners that have a garage attached to their house to deduct a portion of their property taxes on the basis that the garage is considered a recreational space. Therefore, if a granny pod looks like it would be beneficial to the overall value of your property, then you should consider this option and see if you qualify for it.

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