Metal sheet fabrications are a method of turning metal sheets into desired forms through mechanical ways. Though, Sheet Metal Fabrication sunshine coast consists of several steps, including bending, cutting, assembling, and surface treatment.

Other than them, there are other fabrication techniques used by companies like Turnweld to get identical results. But correct choices are still out there, and they vary on different requirements and prices.


Kinds of metal fabrication techniques

The journey of metal sheets begins from CAD or Computer-Aided Design engineering. After constructing the models, every phase goes through the necessary sheet metal fabrication process. These Are some common ones:

Thermal cutting

For cutting sheets, laser cutting is the best and recommended option, which is a very fast and elaborated method that guarantees great results.

When the material is thick, plasma cutting might be used due to its quickness. This benefit is only evident with a thickness of about 10mm.

On the same note, laser cutting is favored by cutting quality. So, it would be recommended that you should get laser cutting.

Mechanical cutting

Cutting without any heating or melting of the product is known as shearing or die-cutting. Chips aren’t produced in this method. This is no different from cutting from scissors.

In shearing/die-cutting, the workpiece is pressed by punch against a fixed blade or die. In shearing, the clearance between the punch and the workpiece is such that the workpiece doesn’t fit in ending it in shearing.

Metal Fabrication Techniques

It is an affordable and great way to cut the metal whenever there are no intricate cuts required.


Punching is the other way to cut a metal sheet without any complexities. Whenever a punch hits the workpiece, the punch perforates it. It is appropriate for large production. That’s the reason why it is not pocket-friendly for small-scale industries. The reason why it is cost-effective is that different tools are required for different cuts.


In engineering, there are not multiple components that evade the bending corner of the fabrication shop. The press brakes fold metal sheets.

This is the toughest part of manufacturing metals because of the complex nature of some bends. An engineer must know the limitations of metal bending to things that can produce.


Assembling is the ultimate step when you feel like fabricating a product. Assembling consists of welding.


Powder coating

It is a method in which electrostatic powder is applied in a charged metal component. It is the most recommended surface treatment with no additional specification, like, acidic environments.


Punching alone is not the only way to use a die. In some cases, the reason is not to form a whole but to hold a certain metal sheet part. For such applications, the method is performed to form it in different shapes in metal panels or sheets.


Other than these, some methods of metal fabrication techniques are

  • Broaching
  • Honing
  • Grinding
  • Milling

Some metal facilities are dependent on the needs of a particular application.

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